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 Creative Problem Solver

A story of loss, opportunism, and creative discovery

I was a bit tardy to the crypto boom of late 2017. However, in my naive and unwarranted optimism, I imagined that bitcoin could only continue in one direction—up. BOY was I wrong. Almost instantly, I watched as my meager teenage fortune was washed away in a landslide crash. After two days of a custodial job taken to recuperate losses, I came to a stark realization—I had been presented with a problem and had completely overlooked my creative abilities to solve that problem. After forgiving myself for almost compromising my creative integrity, I quit my new job (that day) and got to work.

I followed my creative instincts all the way to the streets of downtown Salt Lake City where I found myself playing piano on the sidewalk. Each day I would pack up my keyboard and bench in a suitcase that also served as a receptacle for the generosity of strangers. During this defining moment of my life, I not only restored my losses. I gained so much more. I met good people. I earned a new perspective and confidence. And I learned a valuable lesson—that all problems should be solved with creative solutions.


Above all else, I'm a creative problem-solver. Advertising is an outlet for my instincts.

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